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Tired of trying different diets and endless workout routines to achieve your desired weight without success? It may come as a surprise to some that drinking Green tea is an effective and proven method to reduce weight.


What’s the best Green tea?

Tava Tea Wellness Blend

While there are numerous slimming teas currently on the market one Green tea that does stand out from the crowd is Tava Tea’s Wellness Blend. A unique blend of the finest hand picked Wuyi Cliff Oolong, Puerh and Sencha tea leaves. It’s not only the media that have been in a frenzy discussing Tava Tea Wellness Blend’s great tasting weight loss tea; stars like Oprah Winfrey drink it on a regular basis.

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So how does Tava Tea Wellness Blend work?

Tava Tea Weight LossInsulin levels in the body rise after eating; as Insulin is used to store fat popular diets rely on restricting calorie intake preventing the increase in Insulin and fat storage. Tava Tea Wellness Blend naturally inhibits the build up of Insulin levels preventing the body storing fat.

Exercising to lose weight relies on burning a greater number of calories than is consumed. Tava Tea Wellness Blend burns calories by increasing the metabolism resulting in the body burning over twice the number of calories you consume compared to a regular Green tea.  

Any proof it works?

The weight loss results from drinking Green tea are backed by research carried out at the Japanese University of Tokushima. The manufactures of Tava Tea Wellness Blend have assessed various types of tea leaves and selected the teas which give the best health and weight loss benefits.


What makes Tava Tea Wellness Blend Unique?

Tava Tea Unique Blend

The tea leaves in Tava Tea Wellness Blend include Wuyi Cliff Oolong Tea which is known to burn fat and reduce cholesterol levels. Puerh Tea which is known to boost blood flow and circulation. Sencha Tea contains high levels of Catechin a type of Polyphenol which is a powerful antioxidant that destroys Free Radicals.


How does it relax the mind and body?

Tava Tea’s unique blend of tea contains the amino acid L- theanine which assists in the balancing of the neuron-transmitting chemicals Dopamine and Serotonin, which control your mood, enabling an inner calm and relaxed state of mind 


Why Drink Tava Tea’s Wellness Blend


> Proven weight loss backed by research; no more restrictive diets

> Burns over double the calories of regular Green tea; no more exercise

> Numerous health benefits allowing you to have a more active, enjoyable, 

    healthy and longer lasting life.

> You will look and feel great; you can wear that little Black dress


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Drinking Tava Tea Wellness Blend is the easiest way to improve your health and lose weight. Forget going to the gym or trying to maintain restrictive diets of bland tasteless foods. Enjoy 2 cups of slimming tea a day and benefit from the improved health and lifestyle you desire.

Tava Tea a happy healthy coupleFeel great about yourself and how you look, dress to impress, wear the clothes you desire to be admired. Life is so much more fun when you are no longer worried about your weight. Confidence flows and your family and friends notice the difference, it is so simple to achieve, this is what Tava Tea   Wellness Blend can do for you.


Why you should buy

Simply drinking 2 cups of Tava Tea Wellness Blend per day inhibits Insulin build up while increasing your metabolism allowing you to lose weight guaranteed. One month’s supply contains 30 teabags; each teabag can be reused making at least 60 full pots of tea. Forget about the bland foods, restrictive diets and going to the gym. This is the easiest diet available no pain allowing you to achieve great results. Wear the clothes you desire and be admired.


Try Tava Tea Wellness Blend for yourself Start losing weight Today


Why you should buy Tava Tea Wellness Blend Now


>  The best slimming tea yet; a great tasting unique blend

>  Proven weight loss backed by research guaranteed you lose weight

>  100% Organic and certified by CERES and USDA certified and safe

>  A 180 day money back guarantee lose weight or your money back

>  Free shipping we pay to deliver

> Great discounts the more you buy the more you save Big Discounts


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Try Tava Tea Wellness Blend for yourself Start losing weight Today

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Tava Tea, we know it works

Tava Tea 6 months Guarantee

The manufactures of Tava Tea Wellness Blend are so confident that Tava Tea will produce the results you desire they back their claims with a 180 day money back guarantee. If you do not lose weight you can claim a full refund. No other tea manufactures can match this guarantee; Tava Tea knows it works.




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  1. Carlos B says:

    Tu articulo es bien informativo. Millones de gracias por contrubuir en linea con su pagina.. Chau

  2. Stacy Cousins says:

    I was a bit concerned at first about drinking tea on a regular basis as I normally drink coffee but his tava tea tastes great and I am starting to lose weight

  3. Tim Macey says:

    I have been drinking black tea for years and i am not going to change now I see the health benefits of drinking green tea but what the heck we all gotta die some day

  4. Russ V says:

    Well you’ll be more hydrated and will have more energy. You might also want to start jogging or biking, you’ll see a huge difference in energy levels.

  5. Sharon Faye says:

    I did not think tava Tea would actually work but it does and thanks for introducing me to tava tea I have now started to lose weight

  6. David Ford says:

    I did not realize there were so many benefits to drinking green tea as a long term health drink things look good

  7. Celia Tsu says:

    The chinese have been drinking tea for thousands of years its nice to see the west is finally catching on to the health benefits of tea

  8. Rebecca Cole says:

    I did not realize green tea was so beneficial to health I have now started drinking green tea on a regualar basis

  9. Michelle Fountaine says:

    I actually like what you have done here the informations is well presented and useful thanks for you effort

  10. John Dennis says:

    I just like to drink the tea

  11. Julie Anderson says:

    I have been concerned about Alzheimer’s as both my parents suffered from it I did not realize you could actually slow the process of developing Alzheimer’s by simply drinking green tea.

  12. Paul Sears says:

    Replaced a couple of cups of coffee a day with Tava tea I have started to notice a difference in my health already and best of all I am starting to lose weight

  13. Evelyn V says:

    Just wanted to tell you this is the easiest diet I have ever been on thanks for the info

  14. Liza Andrews says:

    Unbelievable it works I never thought a diet could be so easy

  15. Maria Peters says:

    Actually I have never thought of using Green tea as a diet thanks for the useful info. I have ordered Tava today so I can drop a dress size.
    Thanks again

  16. Peter Teal says:

    Thanks for the heads up on Tava Tea I started using Tava 2 weeks ago and I actually feel great and best of all I have started to lose weight. The easiest diet ever

  17. Carol F says:

    Just writing to say thanks for introducing me to Tava Tea I think this will be my only diet I will ever stick too. I have already started to lose weight

  18. Marie Fenn says:

    Just to let you know I have been using Tava Tea for a couple of weeks now it tastes great and best of all have have lost weight. Your right it beats eating bland diets and going to the gym

  19. Celia P says:

    Thank you for the information I never thought of drinking tea to lose weight

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